Tracking Explained

(1) First stage - Affiliate Signup

The process starts with an affiliate signup. Affiliates may signup to your site using this signup link that is found in your dashboard.

After your affiliate finishes the signup, you will find them in the affiliates page.

You may track their sales! your affiliate may use the tracking link to promote on their social networks/website.

(2) Second stage - Sales

After your affiliate generated sales using the link in the previous step, you may track the sales made in your 'Sales' section.
You may decide which sales should be approved, after a sale is approved it will be added to the 'pending payout' for this affiliate.

(3) Pending Payouts

The pending payouts sections shows you the payouts that should be made to your affiliates, you should perform the payment and approve once the payment is done.

This is really important to keep your affiliates promoting your products.

*Payments are made manually only, you may define your payment methods in the payment settings, (your affiliates may select their prefered payment method)

You may setup a minimum payout amount that will determine the minimum amount of commision that affiliate need to earn in order to get paid in the general setting.